Start / Stop Water Service

Utility Application for Water & Sewer

If you own the home or building you would like water/sewer service to, no deposit is required however, there is a $25.00 processing fee (non-refundable).

If you are renting the home or building, please enclose a $250.00 deposit with your application plus $39.00 for non-refundable processing and meter reading fees.  The deposit will be refundable when leaving the rental if all other charges due to the City have been paid at that time.

Please print this application and mail to the city with your payment.

Automatic Bill Payment Application

The City of Angels offers Automatic Bill Pay where your utility bill payment can be automatically deducted from your bank account or billed to your credit card.

To get signed up for auto withdrawal from your checking account, print out the application below and send it to the City with a voided check.

To get signed up for auto withdrawal from your credit card, please come to City Hall and complete the form.  At that time, we will take an imprint of the card you choose to use.

Building Inspection

Download and complete the smart form below and email your completed form to:

Request page/Reserve Park Facility

Utica Park Covered Area &  Kitchen Reservations

To reserve the covered area in Utica Park, please call City Hall at (209) 736-2181 for available dates. Complete and return (to City Hall) the Hold Harmless and Park Reservation forms below. The City does charge $50 to use the covered area at Utica Park, and depending on the event, liability insurance may be required.

Reservation of the covered area does not include picnic tables. Use of picnic tables is on a first-come, first-serve basis and tables may be moved to other locations within the park.

The rest of Utica Park is open to the public without reservations.

There is a $200 use fee for the kitchen and a $400 refundable deposit.

For information on renting the Utica Park Kitchen, click on the Kitchen rental policy below. To reserve the kitchen, call City Hall at (209) 736-2181 for available dates. Complete the rental form and Hold Harmless agreement below and return to City Hall.