10.13.23 Community Alert: Vandalism of an Electric Message Sign

We’re deeply disappointed to report an act of vandalism on a PG&E electronic message sign. Last night, a PG&E sign, which is meant to share important traffic updates, was defaced with offensive messages that do not reflect the values of our community or PG&E.

We want to make it clear that such behavior will not be tolerated, and we are taking immediate steps to rectify the situation:

1. Reporting: We have reported the incident to the local authorities, and they are actively investigating the matter.

2. Clean-Up: Staff immediately reached out to PG&E to alert them of the offensive messaging and to immediately update the message.

3. Community Unity: We believe in unity and inclusivity, and this incident only strengthens our resolve to stand together as a community. We encourage our neighbors to report any suspicious activity they may have witnessed to 209-736-2567.

We are grateful for the support we’ve received from many residents who stand with us against such vandalism. Let’s remember that our community is stronger when we come together to uphold our shared values of respect, kindness, and unity.

Thank you for your understanding, and let’s work together to ensure our community remains a place of positivity and harmony. 💪🏡 #CommunityUnity #TogetherStronger