City of Angels Strategic Plan

The City of Angels City Council approves the five-year strategic plan

Citygate assisted Council and Staff with community outreach that ultimately was combined into a list of responses to weigh in on.  Council took time to review and align with the General Plan to create the Vision, Mission, Primary Guiding Priorities, Values, and Strategic Planning Objectives,

This plan because the fundamental guiding document for decisions about projects, zoning, policy, budget, etc.


Dedicated to preserving our rich history and providing a safe and thriving community that is
devoted to families, businesses, and visitors.

Mission Statement

To provide municipal services, infrastructure, and a high quality of life through trusted
leadership, accountability, and efficiency for the benefit of our community.

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Primary Guiding Priorities

• Fiscal Stability
• Economic Development
• Technology
• Infrastructure
• Public Safety


• Efficiency
• Accountability
• Resiliency
• Proactivity
• Trust
• Innovation