Integrated Waste and Garbage Services

Solid Waste Fee Prop 218 Townhall Schedule

Several Townhalls will be taking place for the upcoming Prop 218 Hearing regarding the Solid Waste Fee.

The Angels Camp date is June 13th at 5:30 pm at our Firehouse.

You can click here for other dates and locations

What is Garbage Mean in the City?

Garbage and garbage collection is an important element of City and County services. In Calaveras County, our residents have access to a County landfill, several community transfer stations, and a commercial garbage hauler (Cal-Waste).

As a resident of the City of Angels, you have the ability to pay for garbage service through Cal-Waste based on a franchise agreement they entered into with the City AND/OR you (as a resident/property owner) have the ability to self-haul to one of 6 transfer stations (all placed within 10 miles from each community) or directly to the landfill operations and municipal recycling facility.

What is a Franchise Agreement?

A franchise agreement allows a vendor to own the right, for as long as the agreement is in place, to provide the service for that jurisdiction. The benefit for the customers is 1) it limits the annual rate increases based on the terms of the agreement and 2) it is a revenue generation for the City to help pay for public safety, roads, and parks. The current contract with Cal-Waste ends in 2028.

I already pay for garbage service, why should I care about the County Landfill?

Every property in the county and city has a parcel charge of $150, found on your tax bill. This is used to pay for the operations and maintenance of the entire Integrated Waste program. It is also used to pay for the future closure and expansion of the existing landfill and legally required mitigation of refuse property monitoring.

This fee has been $150 per year for 31 years!

In 1992, a gallon of milk costs $1.13. A gallon of gasoline cost $1.13. In California, the minimum wage for an employee for $4.25 per hour.

Today, a gallon of milk costs $4.31. A gallon of gasoline costs $4.78. The minimum wage for an employee is $15.50!

Property owners will be faced with the question to increase the rate, closing the landfill, or having the County and City General Funds pay for the operations of the Integrated Waste above the current $150 per year.