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Current Event - 2023 Winter Storm

The NEWEST Storm incident period is February 21, 2023 and continuing for Calaveras (and the City of Angels). Currently Individual Assistance is not available. In order to demonstrate the need, it is vital that if you experienced ANY damages during this period you report them. Visit: OES  to submit damage information. This information will be shared with CalOES and FEMA. Based on what is submitted, we may qualify for Individual Assistance.

Applications for Residential and Business Assistance (IA – Individual Assistance)

Calaveras County has now been included in the Federal Declaration with FEMA and US SBA

Housing Assistance may include a maximum grant award of $41,000 for:
• Lodging Expense Reimbursement
• Rental Assistance
• Repair Assistance
• Replacement Assistance
• Direct Housing Program

Other Needs Assistance may include a maximum grant award of $41,000 for:
• Personal Property, Transportation, Medical/Dental, Childcare, Funeral, Miscellaneous, Moving and Storage, Critical Needs Assistance, Clean and Sanitize Assistance
• Cost share: 75% Federal, 25% State
• Community Services Programs
• Crisis Counseling Programs
• Disaster Case Management
• Disaster Unemployment Assistance
• Disaster Legal Services

FEMA and Small Business Administration  Information (Currently NOT Available for the 2023 Winter Storm Event): 

Application For Individual Assistance

Cal OES Damage Definitions for Individual Assistance

Criteria for SBA Disaster Loans

Calamity Claim: 

The Calaveras County Assessor has made the Calamity Form available to owners that have experienced damage to their properties. This can reduce your assessed valuation, which in turn reduces your tax liability.

PG&E Links and Tools

Wind/storm Outages Information – Learn what to do in case of an emergency  For anyone that comes across down power lines or broken gas lines, our 24-hour customer service line is available at 1-800-743-5000.   If it’s an emergency call 911.

PGE Outage Center  Look up an outage, report an outage or gas leak, and address lookup.

Report It  Mobile App that is available to report safety concerns.  Tree into line, power pole, power line, etc.

PGE.COM  This is a one-stop shop for everything.  For residential and business accounts.   Emergency, call PGE at 1-800-743-5000 24hr customer service line is also available.

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