Emergency Preparedness

Are you prepared in the case of an emergency? Living in a rural community means being extra prepared. Did you know about Everbridge and Genasys Protect? If you haven’t signed up, you could be missing critical, life-saving, information from the Calaveras County Office of Emergency Services.

Calaveras County OES has partnered with Everbridge to alert residents and businesses by telephone, cell phone, text message, email, and social media when there is a threat to the health or safety of Calaveras County residents. Sign Up TODAY here!

In the event of an evacuation, do you know what ZONE you live in and what the evacuation routes are if roads are closed? You can add a mobile app called genasys Protect, enter your address and see any evacuations, routes, and closures. Angels Camp is Zone A. Click here for more information.

Both of these platforms are opt-in. Please make sure to add this step in your preparedness plan and share with your friends, family, and neighbors today!