Evacuation Access Needs Assessment Survey

In cooperation with the City and County, the Calaveras Council of Governments has prepared brief surveys for our residents as an initial step in building a Preparedness Plan. The goal is to ensure that we have resiliency in our transportation system from the impacts of a catastrophic event.

Our residents relied very heavily on the Transit system in the aftermath of the Butte Fire and it is imperative that residents and businesses voice their concerns and opinions to include that information that will:

  • Identify our existing Conditions
  • Identify where we are vulnerable
  • Identify strategies that will work in our area
  • Ensure that stakeholders (meaning YOU) are included

Be sure to respond to this survey and share this article with other friends, neighbors, and family that reside in Calaveras County. https://ccog-evac-access-needs-assessment-preparedness-plan-dewberry.hub.arcgis.com/