Firewise Update

Wildfire season has begun.  Research has shown that a house with both a fire resistant roof and a Firewise zone surrounding it is 85% more likely to survive a wildfire than one that is not, so be prepared!  Here are some tips that will help you improve your level of fire protection.

If you are replacing your roof, choose a Class A – or fire resistant – product.  Your roof is the most vulnerable part of your house in a wildfire because of its large size and its susceptibility to flying embers (firebrands).

  1. Dead pine needles are fuel.  Keep them off your roof, out of your gutters and away from the foundation of your house.
  2. Prune your shrubs, removing all dead branches.  Limb trees up to 6-10′ from the ground. Take the green waste to a local disposal site.
  3. If branches are hanging over your roof, trim them back.  Then clear your roof of leaf or needle litter.
  4. Keep your lawn mowed and watered, as fire moves quickly through dry grass and weeds.
  5. Store firewood at least 30 ft. from your house – especially during fire season.
  6. The weed abatement ordinance is available by going to Abatement Code