Vegetation and Weed Abatement

Important Information for Fire Safety

Fire Season is Coming, time to get ready!

The atmospheric rivers are gone, and the weather is turning warmer and dryer in Angels Camp.  Fire season will be upon us before we know it. It’s time to prepare our properties by creating defensible space around homes and clearing vegetation.

Property inspections will be completed and weed abatement notices mailed out beginning the first week in May.

Message from the Fire Marshal

The City of Angels Fire Department is thankful to all of the citizens who make fire safety a priority!  Our communities have endured trying times over the last couple years but together we can share the responsibility in making our communities safer by each doing our part.  Remember you are not just protecting your property by being responsible with your vegetation management, you are helping to protect your neighbors and the community at large!

Deputy Chief/Fire Marshal Nathan Pry

It shall be the responsibility of each owner/occupant to adhere to the 2022 California Fire Code, California Public Resource Code 4291, and City of Angels Municipal Code 8.10 requirements to maintain their properties from overgrowing, dead or dying vegetation that increases risk of wildfire.  All City property owners have a shared responsibility to provide a fire safe environment and maintain their property free of exterior fire hazards throughout the fire season.

What is YOUR Liability?


Property owners who do not clear their property in accordance with legal requirements face significant financial liability.  They are responsible for;

  • Inspection and non-compliant citation fees up to forced abatement from the City of Angels
  • All damage to the person and/or property of others as a result of a fire that originates on your property.
  • Total cost incurred by any/all emergency responders dispatched to put the fire out and provide medical and/or law enforcement assistance.

Mowing Guidelines

Fire departments respond every year to grass fires resulting from irresponsible mowing.  If the mower blade strikes a rock, a spark occurs often followed by a grass fire.  Mow early in the season and only in the early morning while vegetation is damp, humidity is high, and temperatures are lowest.  NEVER mow during the heat of the day in the summer or fall.

How to Report Dangerous Vegetation

If you have any questions or concerns regarding a neighboring property, please access the City Community Portal located at Citizen Engagement Portal and select Fire: Weed Abatement Complaint. This is the best way to file your complaint. Phone calls are not the most effective way to submit your complaint as we are often times in the field protecting our community.  We can respond to online complaints in a much more timely fashion and will do our best to respond to your complaint within 3-5 business days.

It is important to understand, however, that we cannot enter private property (backyards, for example) to verify complaints.  Please understand our authority extends only to fire hazards, not how bad a neighbor’s yard looks, we can’t fix unsightliness.

If you are unable to submit an electronic complaint, you may contact the City of Angels Fire Station at 209-736-4081

Vegetation/weed complaints for areas OUTSIDE of the City limits;

Contact CAL FIRE at 209-754-3831

Codes and Ordinances

Title 24 2022 California Fire Code

California Public Resource Code & California Health and Safety Code

City of Angels Camp Municipal Code https://

More information on Wildfire Preparedness