Hop N’ Shop Program with Our Local Businesses

Are You a Potential Customer? The Program Goes LIVE Tuesday, November 8

Who wouldn’t? All you have to do is purchase an eCard between $25-$100 (limited of two) and you get an additional card of EQUAL value. The City of Angels is paying for the purchase of your bonus card and the edelivery fee. All you have to do is shop at your favorite local businesses or experience new ones! Double the purchasing power just in time for the holidays.


Are you a business that wants to enroll in the Hop N’ Shop program?

Who wouldn’t? Customers will purchase eCards that can ONLY be used at local businesses enrolled. All you have to do is accept Mastercard at your Point of Sale system and watch your sales increase!

Eligible businesses must be locally owned, for-profit retail, dining, and personal services (i.e. hair or nail salons, estheticians, massage therapists, gyms and fitness studios, dry cleaners, tanning, pet grooming).

Businesses must be brick and mortar, meaning operating from a physical commercial storefront (currently mobile and home-based businesses are not eligible).

Must have a current business license and no open code enforcement actions. Must be either independently owned or a locally owned chain.

Must offer services to customers of all ages (no under-21 or under-18 restrictions).

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