Angels Creek Trail

A vision that is turning into a reality

The Angels Creek Trail is a project in the works. Through tireless community involvement and staff dedication, the first phase of environmental is nearly complete. The trailhead will begin near Stelte park, meander along Finnegan Lane, and ultimately reach New Melones.

The initial phase of the project is being funded with Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality Improvement Program funding (CMAQ) in coordination with the Council of Governments.

See Angels Creek Trail Master Plan for more information

Angels Creek Trail

Greenhorn Creek Trail

Located in the Subdivision of Greenhorn Creek and begins off Selkirk Ranch Road

1.55 minutes round trip, this trail meander through the natural beauty, historical landmarks, and points of interest along the trail. American Indian, hard rock and placer mining, and early settler sites. The trail head begins off of Selkirk Ranch Road and meanders through the golf course and neighborhoods of Greenhorn Creek.  See map here.

Additional Trails Near Angels

The City of Angels is 8.7 miles from the New Melones Lake Reservoir.  Enjoy over a dozen trails that are for hikers of any level.  See map for additional details.