Major Waterline Improvements Scheduled Along Hwy 49 to Enhance Water Deliveries and Emergency Response

The City has announced a significant upgrade to the waterline system along Hwy 49, set to begin later this summer, aimed at enhancing water delivery services and boosting system pressures during emergencies. This comprehensive improvement project will introduce a new waterline along the northerly side of Hwy 49, strategically placed between the highway and the parking areas serving various local businesses.

To facilitate these critical upgrades, the project necessitates the temporary, limited closure of business driveways along the highway. These closures are expected to last between 1-2 weeks, allowing for the safe and efficient installation of the new pipeline. Understanding the impact on local businesses and their patrons, the construction plan has been meticulously divided into two phases. This strategic approach ensures that at least two driveways along Hwy 49 will remain accessible for business customers and deliveries at any given time during the construction period.

The City is committed to keeping the community informed and prepared. Businesses affected by the driveway closures will receive a minimum of two weeks’ notice ahead of any construction activities. Additionally, schedule updates and further details about the project will be readily available on the City’s official website. The website will also provide an email address and a telephone number for individuals to reach out with their questions or concerns regarding the construction process.

“We understand the inconvenience that construction can cause and we are deeply appreciative of the community’s patience and cooperation as we undertake these necessary improvements to our water system,” stated a City spokesperson. “These upgrades are essential for ensuring the reliability and efficiency of our water deliveries, especially in emergency situations. We are committed to minimizing disruptions and keeping the public informed every step of the way.”

The City urges all residents and business owners along Hwy 49 to stay updated on the construction schedule and to utilize the provided contact information for any inquiries. Together, with the community’s support and understanding, these waterline improvements will significantly enhance the area’s water service capabilities, ensuring a more resilient and responsive water delivery system for years to come.

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For more information, please visit the City website here for specific project information.