Mobility Project

The Mobility Project: Pioneering a Future of Safer, Smoother Transportation

Introduction to the Mobility Project

Welcome to the Mobility Project, an initiative that stands at the forefront of transforming transportation in our community. Often referred to as the “Roundabout Project,” this endeavor is not just about constructing roundabouts; it’s about enhancing safety, reducing traffic delays, and improving access for all modes of transportation.

A Journey Through Planning

The intersection of SR 4 and 49, along with Francis Street, has long been identified as a critical area for transportation improvements. After nearly two decades of meticulous studies highlighting traffic delays, accident severity, pedestrian and bicycle access issues, and general circulation challenges, the decision was made: these locations would become the focus of the Mobility Project.

This project didn’t emerge in isolation. It’s a direct outcome of the North Main Street Plan, a comprehensive strategy developed through a collaborative effort involving Caltrans, the City of Angels, the Calaveras Council of Governments, and, most importantly, the community itself. Delivered in May 2020 after extensive public outreach, the plan is a testament to what can be achieved when diverse stakeholders come together for a common goal.

The Power of Community Engagement

The foundation of the Mobility Project is the community’s voice. With the support of Destination Angels Camp, we embarked on a journey of extensive public outreach. Local property owners, business owners, residents along the corridor, and other stakeholders were identified and engaged. Meetings took place in the welcoming spaces of Destination Angels Camp and Copello Square Apartments, but we didn’t stop there. We went door to door, ensuring every voice could be heard.

Over two days of meetings, we collected valuable comments, feedback, and ideas. These insights didn’t just inform our project goals; they shaped them. Our commitment to listening and incorporating community feedback is detailed on pages 46-49, showcasing the depth of public participation that has guided the Mobility Project.

Looking Ahead: The Future of the Mobility Project

Today, we stand on the brink of realizing the vision set forth by years of planning and community collaboration. The Mobility Project is more than a set of infrastructure improvements; it’s a commitment to a safer, more accessible future for our transportation network.

As we move forward, we invite you to join us on this journey. Together, we can continue to shape the future of transportation in our community, ensuring it meets the needs of all who call it home.

City Council Presentation – February 20

Caltrans recently presented an update the the City Council. If you missed that meeting click here.

In addition, you can view a fantastic video rendering of what the Mobility project, along with the Complete Streets project will look like here.

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