Requesting Police Reports & Records

The request for release of information from the Angels Camp Police Department triggers an elaborate matrix of both departmental and state regulations that specify exactly what information may be released, to whom, and under what circumstances. The Angels Camp Police Department must follow guidelines set forth by the “California Public Records Act” and adhere strictly to State, Government, Evidence, Labor and Civil codes when releasing reports and records.

The Angels Camp Police Department will process requests within ten working days.

  • Crime Reports may be released to the victim or authorized agent only per 6254(f) Government Code. Crime reports cost $15 each. Complete a “Police Report Request Form” to request a crime report. Police reports are not released on cases being prosecuted.  Arrested individuals and/or suspects may obtain reports through their legal representatives through the discovery and/or subpoena process.
  • Traffic Reports may be released to any person or owner involved in the accident or their authorized agent per 20012 Vehicle Code. Traffic Reports cost $15 each. Complete a “Police Report Request Form” to request a traffic report.
  • Only reports, or portions of reports authorized for release by 6254(f) Government Code, will be released.
  • Public Records Act requests will be researched and records and/or responses are mailed within 10 working days. Complete a “Public Records Request” form to request public information. This form is not required to submit a request, but aids the Department with tracking and responding to your request