The City of Angels has projects constantly occurring throughout the City.  Through the coordinated efforts of City Staff, the Calaveras County Council of Governments, Caltrans, CalOES, FEMA, Housing and Development, Calaveras Foundation, and so many others, the City is striving to make intelligent choices for our residents and visitors.

Utica Park

Utica Park has several projects that are currently underway.

Wayfinding Signs

Visitors need direction to find our businesses and to ensure they don’t just drive right through!  The Wayfinding sign projects help with that.  The current timeline has Caltrans pushing for the installation of new signs in the Spring/Summer of 2023.

This is a County Wide project being organized by the County of Calaveras. To see the sign website, please refer here.

Angels Creek Master Plan & Trail Project

Angels Creek Trail

The City of Angels 2020 General Plan defines the Angels Creek Master Plan and Trail project. Conservation and Open Space Implementation Program 4.D.c “Draft a Creek Corridor Preservation & Management Plan for Angels Creek” called for “a trail along the creek through the city limits (with potential future links to trails extending along the creek beyond the city limits).”

The proposed trail extends from the Highway 4 Bypass in the north to New Melones Reservoir in the South, approximately 5.1 miles in length. The proposed trail is broken into three phases prioritizing construction. The three phases are North, Central, and South. The phases are further divided into preferred and alternate alignments.


MACT Museum

The M.A.C.T. Health Board is building a two-story administrative and cultural building with an outdoor cultural park including a roundhouse, bark houses, public restrooms, parking, and bus parking.  Click here for more information.

Habitat for Humanity – Private Development

The largest workforce housing development the City has seen is about to break ground.  For more information be sure to visit here.  Continue to check back for progress and next steps for this development.

East Trunk/Vallecito Rd Sewer Phase 1

This project will mitigate future hazards, in addition, to upsizing and rehabilitating the City’s trunk sewer and trunk mains.  Slated to be completed 2023.

Highway 4 and 49 Mobility Improvement Project

Caltrans proposes to make intersection, roadway, pedestrian, and bicycle improvements and modify the intersection of State Route (SR-) 49 and SR-4 with either a roundabout or signalized intersection. The project would also improve the intersection of SR-49 and Francis Street with either a roundabout or signalized intersection.

For more detailed information, click here.

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