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Important Information

Latest Information

Additional Geotechnical work will occur on February 20-21 for drilling. The February 21 subcommittee meeting has been canceled due to scheduling conflicts. NEXT meeting is March 20.

UPDATE: Everything went well. There was nothing identified of concern in this first exploration. To help expedite the geotechnical efforts, we are aligning and will start exploratory trenching February 13-14. This would help to only have to mobilize once.

To avoid any additional delays, staff will be meeting with Boyer Construction to go over any additional requirements for the project scope. This will be happening on February 20 and will allow us to provide a much more comprehensive list of required elements of the project.

Future design subcommittee meeting dates are February 21, and March 20.

For previous News please visit the Utica Park Project History Page

Park Demo

To do ALL of the work listed on this page, the City had to engage with an arborist and a demo crew. These are two separate parties. The arborist is NOT also doing the demo.

Arborist Report California Tree and Landscape Consulting

Demo and Renovation Contract San Joaquin County Office of Education

Step 1, was to determine which trees were hazards. Step 2, was to remove the hazardous trees, stumps, debris, and brush.

Wood from the fallen trees will be evaluated to determine if benches can be made to celebrate the life those trees have given our visitors over the years.

For an overview of WHY the trees were removed and the species, read here.

Expansion and Rehabilitation of Utica Park

The City was awarded $3,000,000 from the California State Department of Parks and Recreation, the Recreation and Tourism Grant). This money will be used to purchase an additional 3.4 acres of land adjacent to the existing Utica Park in addition to adding and improving many elements of the park overall.

See the preliminary list of project scope

The City issued an RFP, City Staff, and Community Club members reviewed and made a recommendation for a contractor, and the City Council awarded the contract to Boyer Construction on March 7, 2023.

Boyer Construction was selected (click here for their submission). Robert Boyer is a local contractor. Mr. Boyer has extensive experience in planning and building recreation facilities and parks and is very mindful of the needs of our community.


Site evaluation and design will take place in December 2023 /January 2024 (Following input from Geocon).

Utica Kitchen

The original kitchen was funded through donations and a grant from the Department of Parks and Recreation in 2009-2010. While it has served as a resource throughout the years for the annual Fireman’s Fun Day Event, Pancake Breakfast (both staffed by Members of the Angels Camp Volunteer Fire Auxillary), it has also been used by the Angels Camp Business Association for the Farmer’s Market and been available to rent by the public, it was showing its age.

The City received a Community Block Grant to fund a generator and kitchen equipment to make it a fully functional professional-grade kitchen that can be used in case of emergencies, in addition to being rented out for private events.

The upgrades included a commercial refrigerator, generator, cookware, serve ware, and safety equipment signage all totaling $49,941.

The Rural Recreation Grant will give an external facelift to the kitchen building to match the other structures being built.

ADA Bathroom(s)

Utica Park has had bathrooms that were not ADA-compliant. To address that issue, portable bathrooms have been a fixture at the park for years.

The City was awarded a Community Block Grant that will help pay for ADA bathrooms in the amount of $175,000. An RFP was issued, a review panel of City and Community Club members met, and City Council recently awarded the contract to T&S West on April 4, 2023.

Bathrooms have been ordered and the existing bathrooms will be remodeled to match the new bathroom and structures.

NEW Playgound

The City has been working with the Angels Camp Community Club, which with the help of the Calaveras Community Foundation, raised $135,000 for the construction of a new playground.

Additionally, the City was awarded a Per Capita Grant, totaling, $177,952

The City issued an RFP, City staff and Community Club Members recommended a firm, and City Council awarded the contract to SPEC on February 7, 2023.

SPEC will be attending the first Design Committee meeting on October 18 to kickoff the playground design!


Utica Park will be an accessible park for all ages and mobilities. Small children, teens, young adults, adults, and senior citizens will all benefit from the investment being made. To ensure that all demographics are represented, the City has established a Design Committee made up of 13 members.

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