Utica Park Project History Page

Geotechnical is DONE!!!! Now awaiting the report (March). In the meantime, playground equipment is being ordered, the bathrooms have been ordered, and the parcourse and gym equipment design is completed and awaiting order.

Rough design is happening right now based on preliminary geotechnical information and signage content is nearly complete.

Future design subcommittee meeting date is March 20.


Additional Geotechnical work will occur on February 20-21 for drilling. The February 21 subcommittee meeting has been canceled due to scheduling conflicts. NEXT meeting is March 20.

UPDATE: Everything went well. There was nothing identified of concern in this first exploration. To help expedite the geotechnical efforts, we are aligning and will start exploratory trenching February 13-14. This would help to only have to mobilize once.

To avoid any additional delays, staff will be meeting with Boyer Construction to go over any additional requirements for the project scope. This will be happening on February 20 and will allow us to provide a much more comprehensive list of required elements of the project.


The Next Design Committee meeting will be on January 17. GeoCon – Geotechnical is finishing up the desk review of the existing park to further identify areas of avoidance for structures. Once this occurs, soil testing will occur, and cost estimates for closing open shafts will be reported and brought forward to the City Council for discussion.


The design committee meeting met on December 13 and decided Option 1 was the winning design. (Option 1)


The design committee will be meeting on November 15, 2023, at the Angels Camp Firehouse as a follow-up to the plans presented on October 18. The concept Design can be reviewed HERE.

The Full Agenda for November 15 can be found HERE.


The Design Committee met on October 18. SPEC had draft designs available for discussion (click HERE). The first meeting was a success with productive discussions and next steps. The meeting was recorded and will be available to listen to HERE. The next meeting is set for November 15 at noon – Angels Firehouse.


The City has engaged with Geocon to support the Utica Park Expansion Project. Their services will focus on the 3.82-acre expansion parcel. Staff have been busy scouring local historians, the museum, and the Library of Congress to find everything from Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps, Mine and Mill site maps (did you know that after the Lightner mine closed, the site was a fully functioning timber mill!).  This work will occur in October, with the next steps to be identified in early November. If site testing is required, that will occur in December, with a final site plan for structural constructs to occur before the end of the year.